Today just today

I know I have been in the past here so thought I would talk about today,,,,,So this is about me and Dot today she rely is my lifeline right now.. Weird thought how something as simple as a dog can take over our life, I find myself taking Dot for walks that help me to think relax and reflect Like here is a place I grew up at and have run and played at for many many moons

Spring walkabout

I find my time alone with her when we just go out are some of the most tranquil time I can find I know short post today but will do better soon I am not used to writing anything yet

First few weeks

Dot in her safe place

For the first week I had to leave her at the kennel so she could get well enough to be spade It was a long week,,,,,. But finely the day came I got to bring her home The look was still there just a little dull from the operation I wraped her up in my old coat and carried her out to the old ford,, it was a little strange she just curled up in the seat and napped all the way home,it was cold and snowing so I took my time She was scared and did not know what was happening when I carried her into the house. Well I got her settled in my room and beaded down for the night The first two weeks were rough I could not feed her more than a handful of food at a time or she would get sick , when she had to go out to pee ( she was very house broke) she would not get more than 5 feet from me and at night she was even more scared (if that was possible) she just knew I was leaving her out there forever I had to stay by her side and in her sight at all times


This is how our place looked that winter when I got her home that is Mack he was our house doggie also He passed soon after this picture

Dots first thoughts

Dot and me first meeting

This is Dot she is a rescue dog who adopted me 4 years ago.

She was abandoned in a field not far from here it was the middle of winter cold and snowing,when the pound got her she weighed less than 25 lbs and was nursed back to kind of health by some fine people at the pound, I was at a rely low point in life, my mom was dieing I had just went through some bad times. Well I was feeling down and out and I do not know why but I went over to the pound that is 40 mi away. So the Vet. Tech’s and I talked for awhile and they had the perfect dog for me so we went back to the kennels and I looked but NO it did not feel right well on the way out kind of feeling down ,I do not know why but something cot my eye and I saw her,,, she was curled up in the corner of her kennel shivering and she just looked at me, THAT was it she had me. I told them she wants me ,,,,,, the tech. looked at me, took me by the arm and said in a low voice ,,, No sir we do not think she will last the night and they told be about how she was found how they did not think with her being starved and frozen the chances were slim to none that she would last the night. I could not let go of this feeling I had,,, so I went out to my truck got my old coat and gave it to her to sleep on that night I stayed and petted and talked to her till closing time.They called me early the next morning and I just knew she passed that night but she made it and they said she had a sparkle in here eyes that day. So that is how Dot and I first meet